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Facial & Skincare


European facial                                                        $95
Basic facial                                                                $70
Clear skin probiotic - Acne                                    $95
Microdermabrasion                                                $95
Clear back facial                                                       $95
Skintag, mole, milia, sunspots removal      by quote
Melasma or pigmentation treatment                 $600
Face, neck lift                                             $150/session

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European facial

Step up to an expanded facial that will include cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, masks and moisturizing the skin - customized specifically for each client. After all that good skin nourishment, the esthetician will do a facial massage. This not only benefits the facial muscles; you will feel the release of tension throughout your whole body.  ​

Basic facial

This urban retreat is designed to make you feel like a million dollars - cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin that deserves someessential pampering.​

Clear skin probiotic - Acne

This treatment for oily and problem skin features natural ingredients to to cool and balance the skin. Our process will cleanse and detoxify, removing impurities to reduce the signs of acne and reduce breakouts without stripping the skin of moisture. The key ingredients of Clear Skin Probiotic improve the appearance of skin - many clients notice an improvement in their skin texture starting with the first session. The esthetician will provide a recommendation regarding the frequency of the facial routine for your best results. You will also receive suggestions on what to do to take care of your skin after the session.


This treatment addresses acne scars and discolorations, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and melasma. The esthetician will perform an evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment; for those who can be helped by this routine, the usual recommendation is weekly treatment for best results, although this can be done up to twice a week in some cases. 

Clear back facial

This routine is recommended for clients who suffer from breakouts, ingrown hairs, old scars or sun damage. After cleansing with hot steam and scrub, treatment proceeds to a light massage sequence which most clients find very relaxing. So much so that clients often extend the session with a continued massage. ​

Mole, skintag, milia, small capillaries, syringoma, sun spots and cherry angioma removal

Naturally eliminate skin disorder with latest breakthrough in removing skin imperfections. 

Melasma treatment

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