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About us


Self Indulgence  Spa established in 2009 in Cheviot Hills neighborhood. We provide the best professional therapeutic massage, facial and beauty services with friendly staff. That's why we don't join the crazy promotion by dumping the price to get busy with providing less quality massage and less quality products  in the market. We love our nice and polite neighbors.
We hope to be your best neighbor who provide routine massage and get rid of knots, headache, back-pain, neck-pain,and etc. and  make you more beautiful for many many more years.  <3 
Have a wonderful day (^_^)
your best neighbor 



Medical massage

Organic skincare
Advanced eyelash extension
in volumnization

Brow extension and shaping

Male waxing
Speed waxing
Full body grooming for men

About Amy (Co-founder)


Amy (Umarin) has years of experience in both the massage therapy and esthetics fields. She graduated with an MBA in Marketing but loves to work in the serene and calm environment of a spa. She is one of the founders of Victory Career College, a massage school in Hollywood (now in Torrance). She has also provided training and classes for several area spas for their employees' continuing education.

Her work at Self Indulgence Spa includes massage, body scrub, waxing, body grooming, facial treatments and eyelash extension. She is one of the Advanced Xtreme lashes stylist. Even with years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the products, she still believes that continuing professional education is very important. She is always learning new techniques and information to share with her clients and friends.


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