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Body Wrap

Infared Bodywrap

30 minutes


60 minutes


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Price not include 2 pieces black Sauna suit (recommended) $20


Our Infrared body wrap is one the best ways to Detox and lose weight with just 30 mins session you will be able to see and feel the difference inside and out, it is very effective and relaxing treatment. Every session has a big effect within the cells and toxins are mobilised to be expulse through sweat , these includes nicotine, alcohol, heavy metal, bad cholesterol and others.


Promotes weight loss and body shaping, a high number of calories are burnt in just one session.

Body fats become soluble during the therapy allowing the fat deposits to break and be eliminated thought sweat at the same time it removes dead cells from our skin, improving the overall apperiance of the skin. The infrared sauna blanket will havesignificant and beneficial result for the body, mind and soul.



The infrared heath provided by this therapy improves blood flow and circulation, it stimulates metabolism to enhance detoxification.


For many years infrared heath has been known for its healing properties and general relaxation because its ability to prevent growth cancer cells, ease muscle and joint pain , relieve tension, calms the nervous system, reduce stress, fatigue and could also be beneficial for those suffering depression or insomnia.

Bodywrap for Weight Loss

The far infrared body wrap system is a deep heat treatment that utilises the body's natural cooling process to stimulate the metabolism and increase blood circulation. This increase circulation will also increase your metabolic rate and by doing so burns calories.

Treatment pads are placed on your body while you relax. The targeted far infrared heat penetrates twice as deep as conventional heat methods to get fats, toxins, and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the surface of the skin. The heat softens the fat tissue causing it to break up and be released into the blood stream in the form of calories to be burned up as energy.

The far infrared heat activates the metabolism, increasing blood flow and circulation, encouraging the body to consume energy, burn calories and stimulate weight loss. The best of all is that the inch loss from infrared is permanent even after just one session.

Bodywrap for cellulite reduction

Our Infared Body wrap shrinks the fat stores and removes the toxins beneath the surface of the skin that are the root cause of the dimpled appearance of cellulite. The body wrap heat penetrates deep into your body to start liquefying the subcutaneous fat so that it gets released via the sweat and the other body elimination systems.

By improving you blood circulation and blood flow to the target area, you can eliminate the conditions that caused Cellulite to form in the first place. The infrared shrinks the subcutaneous stored fat cells and removes the toxins and retained fluids from beneath the skin surface, so that cellulite will no longer cause dimpling on the skin surface resulting in tighter, smoother looking-skin.

Bodywrap for detoxification

Improved Blood Circulation: Many issues that manifest themselves in the body such as arthritis, sciatica, menstrual cramps and fatigue, or outside the body such as psoriasis and acne, can be to some degree, due to poor blood circulation. As the blood flow with the treatment it can increase in volume by twice as much as normal and travels around 3.5 times faster through the body, continued use can eventually provide a permanent improvement in blood circulation and blood pressure. The blood flows into areas that are poorly promoted with blood such as scar tissue and fat that is stored on the outer areas of the body, (which can be up to 10 degrees colder than the core body temperature) and into small capillaries closer to the skin surface.

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